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Title Category Address Description
11 Construction of a Toe Wood-Sod Mat structure Video 40.432267 -106.825186
09 North Carolina State University 35.784663 -78.682095 Multiple stream/watershed restoration projects led or supported by NCSU.
08 Stream Restoration-Shawneehaw Creek (multiple videos) by Greg Jennings PhD., PE Video 36.162717 -81.867811 Darrell Westmoreland and Greg Jennings discuss restoration techniques employed at Shawneehaw Creek, GA
07 Restoration Systems’ Katy Prairie Stream Mitigation Bank, Texas Video 29.965828 -95.869036
06 Elbow Creek: A Case Study in Natural Channel Design by Hamilton CO SWCD Video 43.395902 -74.289583
05 Underwater footage below a J-hook vane Video 35.901878 -94.971682
04 Transport of organic matter Video 33.993722 -96.240676
03 Feeding frenzy in a restored Ozark stream Video 35.901878 -94.971682
02 Underwater footatge of toe wood structures Video 34.083792 -94.628506
01 Underwater footage below a cross vane Video 35.901778 -94.971562